Paleo Project

Get one year of Paleo recipes and the accompanying grocery shopping lists to make the Paleo lifestyle just that much easier to succeed. It almost sounds to good to be true. During my 30-day Whole 9 challenge I found the greatest difficulty in living Paleo was that if I had poor planning then my diet went right in the crapper. Therefore I came across this idea for a Paleo Project.

If I can get 52 participants and each person creates a plan for one week of Paleo meals, and they submit the associated recipes and grocery shopping list for their meals then in return they will receive the other 51 participants recipes and grocery shopping lists and combined that will make for one year of Paleo meal planning.

The details:
One week of meals includes (2 breakfasts: Sat/Sun) and 7 dinners. I figure that during the week most lunches consist of the dinner from the previous evening. Weekday breakfasts in my household are usually a quick egg, piece of fruit and a good fat and then i’m out the door, so a more elaborate & time consuming breakfast I leave for the weekends. Hence the 9 meals.

If you choose to participate then you will need to submit your 9 Recipes (no photos) in a single Word document and the grocery shopping list for your 9 meals in a second Word document.

As an old-skool print graphic designer and marketer I will combine all the recipes and the grocery lists into a PDF booklet and redistribute to all those who chose to participate and put forth the effort in creating a week’s worth of meals to share in this project.

If you are interested in participating, please email me the following info to:
fshrmon at gmail 

In the email:
Subject = Paleo Project

In the body please let me know the following:
1) when you will deliver your recipes and grocery shopping list to my inbox

2) You location (I think it’ll be fun to see how far and wide this project goes)

3) your Twitter handle if you have one

4) how long you have been living the Paleo lifestyle

There has been a theme of questions since starting this project, so I have added a FAQ section:

Do the recipes need to be original?
Since there is no intention of selling this project for profit and that it will only be distributed to the original 52 participants I do not believe the recipes need to be original. Kudos if they are though!

What about dairy?
I’m really on the fence about this one. I love cheese and that was my most difficult challenge during my Whole30. Since completing the Whole30 challenge, I have added some dairy back into my diet, but I’m using it sparingly. That’s me. So maybe we should just keep dairy out of the recipes all together and if an individual wants to alter your recipe to include dairy that’s there choice.

Deadline for the recipes?
This project is now completed.

Why no photos?
This is a trail run on this project, a version 1 if you will. I’m a one man operation who holds a full time job and chases a toddler around when not at the office. I’m conceded about how much time it will add to process all those photos, but more importantly, with one year of recipes and the shopping list I have concerns about how big this book will be once done. Therefore in an effort to keep the file sizes down, no photos.

What do I need to submit exactly?
9 recipes (7 dinners & 2 breakfast) + 1 condensed grocery shopping list for the entire week of meals that your are submitting. If you would please submit your recipes in 1 Microsoft word document and then your 1 shopping list in another, so you will be submitting only two attachments.

Is the #paleoproject still looking for participants?
Yes. Please feel free to share this project out through your social media network, blogs or email to your friends and family. If you use twitter, please include the hash tag #paleoproject.


9 responses to “Paleo Project

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    • Hello Jennifer,

      Welcome to the #paleoproject. Please email me your 9 recipes and your condensed grocery shopping list by Sept. 1st as I’m going to start the layout process.

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  3. I’m in. I’ll get this started today. When submitting, if the recipe is not my own creation, would you like the source or is that not helpful? I always like to give credit where credit is due. 🙂

    • HI Susan,

      Yes, please reference the source if the recipe is not original, also please reach out to me via email per the instructions as I’m keeping a master spreadsheet of participants and I need some info from you.


  4. Yes, I saw that. I will email you the info soon. I have about 4 dishes going in the kitchen right now. Weely cookup day. :0)

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