Intrepid Pioneer is about navigating through the technological noise while reuniting with simpler and more honest way of life. This site is not about anti-technology, but its more about modern homesteading principals.

Intrepid Pioneer is not about claiming to be an expert, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’m relentlessly searching out my own answers to try new things, to live a homesteading lifestyle in a city on 1/11th of an acre with which I rent. This site will be a source of experiences both the good and then bad while covering topics the relate to the mission of an Intrepid Pioneer:

Grow. Ferment. Fish. Forage. Hunt. Preserve.

Those are the foundations of this blog and sometimes there may be supportive stories that align well with one of those 6 foundations. You may find food recipes or an article on fitness but these common threads will relate to the holistic approach of the pioneer spirit.

About Me:
I grew up traipsing through the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Now I find myself reassessing how I choose to not only live my life but provide for my wife and son. It’s upsetting to me that such a basic right as food has become this machine controlled by large agra and factory farms. I’m choosing to do something about it and realize I can put fresh, wild and sustainable food on my table to nurture healthy living for my family.

You can also follow me on twitter: @fshrmon

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you follow along on this journey.



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