Fresh Mountain Air

This off-season has found me a bit dislodged from my writing and presence in the twittesphere. I’ve recently just switch jobs and have now begun a work from home position. The transition from my previous job to the new one was a bit difficult as the previous employer I was busy tying up loose ends and preparing documentation for my replacement and the new job has been filled with a bunch of on-boarding processes. Both of these responsibilities left me very busy with work and then family life and not much time to write and update my blog. This new position is poised to provide me more time to be out in the wild, to train and most of all to spend more than 2 hours a day with both my wife and my child(ten). Yes, I also have a daughter on the way and she is do to this side of the world sometime the first week of July.

In part of my negotiations I ended up with one week of a stay-cation between the two jobs. One day during that week I packed a lunch, loaded my Camelbak Omega 100oz bladder and my normal essentials and then headed out into the wilderness on a solo day hike. The purpose of this hike was not necessarily for scouting purposes, but more for a bit of mental cleansing and some fresh air exercise.

The hike I chose was 2.7 miles one way on this out and back trip to a lake up in the snow level at 2,400′. This is a mild hike with an elevation gain of 1,350′ over the 2.7 miles, so it was a great way to get my legs back under me post the holiday extravaganza. It felt great to back in the wild especially all alone as I did this hike mid-week so I only crossed paths with a few other hikers along the way.

This post is merely just a way to say hey I’m back, the dust is settling and look for future posts from me and follow along as I slog through my first half marathon in this off season.


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