Field Notes — 12/6/2013

Hunting is an activity that I have no real prior experience with. About seven years ago I started to think more and more about my food, where it comes from and was interested in the locavore concept. While I was not necessarily militant about my need for hyperlocal eating, I had fun exploring options and experiments to supplement my diet with a more local and sustainable way of eating. As I delved into this topic with interest I read: Steven Rinella, Tovar Cerulli, Langdon Cook, Hank Shaw, Michael Pollen, Eric Schlosser, Novella Carpenter, Jim Harrison, Bill Heavey, Alisa Smith and J.B MacKinnon, the list goes on and on. I wanted to read a wide berth of books on the subject of food and the more that I read the more I was led to learn to hunt. Now that I have hunted, I thought it would be a good time to revisit some of the articles and share them.

This edition of Field Notes it about other news articles that I read in those early days, that have been bookmarked and reread as I proceeded down this path. As I’ve openly admitted in previous posts. As Tovar Cerulli has defined — I am in the category of Adult On-Set hunter. There is no rich family history, or woodland lessons from my grandfather or my father. Hunting and bow hunting specifically is a consciouses decision that I have come to. Here are a few influential stories that helped to shape my desire to hunt for my own food.

Kill Your Darlings
by Steven Rinella

The Locavore Chef
by Virginia Wood

Gone Hunting for Food
by Chelsea Murray

Wild Game is the New Green
by Frank Miniter


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