Field Notes — 7/12/13

With the fall archery season getting closer and closer I’m spending time on the range just practicing and checking both my form and my gear to prepare myself best for the woods. As I’m working on these aspects of my shooting, i’ve come across a few articles that relate to this topic and that I found extremely informative and helpful so I thought a Field Notes dedicated to this topic would be most appropriate.

2 Shooting Drills to Increase Bowhunting Effectiveness
I’ve been following Mark’s blog Sole Adventure for some time now and  he always has great insights. A few weeks back he posted a video about finding a timing routine as you cycle through your shot. He recommends during your practice is that you perform a Pyramid Drill which allows you to shoot focus more on target and helps you concentrate on different time intervals. Give the video a view and learn about the other timing drill he suggest and maybe incorporate these drills into your next practice session.

Does a fallaway rest outshoot a whisker biscuit?
Field & Stream magazine conducted a test on the two rests to see which one was more accurate and could outshoot the other. I’m not going to say much more here and just let the article answer this age old smack talking topic.

Improving Archery Accuracy: Remove your bow grip
Mark Kenyon over at Wired to Hunt makes a great case for the removal of your bow grip to improve accuracy. He discusses how the grip affects torque and canting with the understanding that if you take the grip out of the equation there is an increase. I have yet to remove mine or to test this myself at the practice range, but he has me thinking for sure.

Does too long a draw length hurt your shooting?
Field & Stream had a seven part series on bows this summer and this article was part 6 of seven. I’ve included it into this field notes as in the beginning of my archery days (which is less than 2 years ago) I stubbled with finding the best draw length for myself. It was amazing how even a 1/2 inch difference made it not only my form but my accuracy.


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