Apology to Vegetarians

What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea? —  I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables.

This past week I read Will’s article on The Will To Hunt about Why I respect vegans & despise meat eaters and after some introspection I realized he was talking directly to the old me. The taunts and teasing of vegetarians and vegans… I’m guilty. Even though I’ve spent most of my life eating pink slimed hormone ingest CAFO cattle, or any other factory farmed livestock for that matter. I enjoyed my meat neatly wrapped in cellophane and the killing part being done by proxy on my behalf. I just enjoyed the taste of eating meat and I still do. It’s just that now I’m putting more thought into where my food comes from.

Vegetarians have drawn a line in the sand for whatever their reasoning is and I don’t mean that blasé. It could be political or it could be for their own health reasons or a combination there of. I think it’s fantastic that they are eating how they want to eat. The fact of the matter is that vegetarians are mindful about what and how they eat and I do believe more and more people need to become aware of the food they are choosing to put into their bodies.

Through my own personal journey of how I’m choosing to eat, I find that I’m increasing in agreement more with a vegetarian even though I choose not to eat a solely plant based diet. These tidal shifts in my ideology are giant steps forward in living a healthier life. These leaps in my food ways have more similarities with vegetarians than they do with the store buying meat eaters.

I say all of this aloud here as this is a transitionary period for me. I only eat fish/seafood when I’m the one bringing it home for my table. I don’t buy seafood anymore. I pay for it through license fees, gear and my time. I’m working towards a similar goal for game meat and a freezer. I have yet to go into the field to hunt, this fall archery season will be a first for me, so in the mean time I straddle a fine line by purchasing my meat from a store or local farmer… maybe I’m the one to be made fun of now.

As for all those years that I cracked jokes at the expense of the Vegetarians. I still chortle a bit when you call a vegetarian with diarrhea a salad shooter….


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