Field Notes — 6/28/13

To prepare myself the best that I can for this fall archery season, I’ve spent the better part of this year taking care of my greatest asset — me. With the archery season upcoming I sure as hell didn’t want to be the one lagging behind on the hikes, nor lack the strength to pack out my animal in the steep alpine areas we will be hunting, if I am successful. At the beginning of January I weighed in at 200 lbs. Being 6′ 1″ my BMI was almost 26 and put me in the overweight category.  To top it off I was diagnosed just over three years ago, in my mid-to-late-30’s, with Type 1, not 2, diabetes. Therefore it was time for me to stop kidding myself and take control. I always knew what needed to be done, but I had yet to fully commit to doing something about it. I needed to prove to myself that I could not only take care of my health, but I used the motivation of the wilderness to keep me moving forward. I’m making progress as of today I’m at 185 lbs due to the commitment I’ve made to making healthy choices. The way I see it my health is a bi-product of my desire to be out in the woods.

This week’s Field Notes is a culmination of information on nutrition and fitness that I’ve been following in my efforts to prepare my body for this hunting season.

Let me tell you about Crossfit
With an toddler in my house, getting out at night after work to go to the gym to focus on strength training is difficult. Between making dinner, tubby & story time, and by the time my son goes to bed it’s difficult to find the motivation to head out to the gym. It’s late, i’m tired and I need to unwind before doing it all over again the next day. About 2 months ago, I began to integrate Crossfit into my weekly workout routine. I have shifted my work schedule around and now I take a 2hr lunch once a week, so my workouts don’t interfere with my evening routine. I do think that Crossfit workouts alone can get anyone prepped for the demands of a bow hunt. This quick video does a great job of explaining what Crossfit is, if you’ve ever wondered.

Couch to Crossfit: 5 things beginners need to know
This is just a great quick read and intro to Crossfit. If you are interested in knowing more and you want to go in person and see what it’s all about, this article has great advice for what you need to know before you go.

Stronglifts 5×5
I’ve followed this program off-and-on over the years, but gave it considerable attention at the start of the year. For strength this program really works and I yielded results. I’m down in inches in the areas I want to be and I’ve grown in inches where I want to grow. I like that it’s simple in its plan and that each time you go to lift you are adding 5 lbs so each time becomes a new Personal Record (PR). If you are looking to add some strength training and are more of a DIY person, then gives this a serious consideration. My only concerns with this program is that if you are not sure of your form, you can possibly do more harm than good. I watched numerous videos on proper form for all the lifts required of this program and when I started doing Crossfit the coaches there checked my form and I had a few areas of work.

Proper Nutrition for Hunt Strong Lifestyle
Davie Ferraro wrote a great article about eating right for a Hunt Strong lifestyle. He outlines the best way to see results for your hard work through the catalyst of nutrition. Are calories really the big bad boogieman? What steps should you make nutritionally to lay the foundation for all that physical activity you are doing? The choices one makes to fuel their body is very important and in this article Ferraro outlines what considerations you should make for yourself.

Whole 30 Challenge
On June 18th I took on the Whole 30 challenge — i’m 10 days in. It’s not easy and it’s not hard, plus I figure it’s only 30 days. I would say it takes some mindfulness about what you have to eat and it doesn’t require a bit more time to do properly. My wife and I are menu planning each week and we had to clear out our pantry of the prepackaged crap. Now that we’ve been at it, I feel different. I feel whole, I don’t feel bloated or tired. As for my diabetes, this nutritional change is kicking its ass. The Whole 30 challenge is basically a strict Paleo diet. I foresee at the end of our 30 days we will reintroduce some foods back in so we will not be totally Paleo going forward but we will more than likely fall into the Primal diet. Just note that I use the word diet as the form of eating, not as in diet like Jenny Craig is a diet. If you’ve been considering or interested in what this is all about, check out the link to learn more.


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