Field Notes — 6/21/13

This week’s Field Notes theme is spawned out of the influential authors who guided my decision to start hunting. Even though I’m slightly still in the closet about my intentions of bow hunting with some family and friends, I want to share these articles that shaped my own considerations and ultimately conclusions.

If you are what you eat, he’s dead meat
Steven Rinella really is the one who started changing my thought process the most on the whole idea of hunting. I’ve read all his books, but The Scavengers Guide to Haute Cuisine really was the first book I read on the subject that not only challenged my thought process, but began to convince me this is something I could do and that I’m interested in learning to do. This is an older article he had published on regarding his first book.

Vegan Turned Hunter 
Tovar Cerulli has written a great book called The Mindful Carnivore. His story fascinates me and more importantly how he writes about his thought process and rationale/struggles with going from vegan to a meat eating hunter is both insightful and thought provoking.This article I came across this week from Utne, originally published in The Atlantic.

On Killing
Hank Shaw, author of two books, Hunt Gather Cook & more recently Duck, Duck, Goose. Shaw also manages the  blog Hunter • Angler • Gardener • Cook which I’ve been reading and following for years. This article I’m featuring specifically is about killing and Shaw’s thoughts around this inevitable ending. This is the hardest thing for me to grasp, I understand it and I question myself if I have what it takes to kill in the field when the moment presents itself. I can club a fish, slit it’s gills, but is salmon my gateway to mammals? Only one way to will find out. This article discuss the internal struggle with the kill in a personal account and I’ve reread it more than once.

The Modern Hunter-Gatherer
Michael Pollan needs no introduction — his books have fascinated communities with his up close and in the thick of it writings about food and our present food culture. This is a story on this website specifically about his personal experiences on a pig hunt. It’s a captivating read.

Hipsters Who Hunt
While I am not a Hipster — this story really grasped me as I could most definitely relate. The stereotype of the hunting community that I had grown up with was not painted in the best light. After reading this article I found myself relating more to those who were featured in this article, and not that it justified my decision, this more described where I was coming from in my own thinking and rationale.


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