Field Notes — 6/14/13

Field Notes is a weekly section where I have gathered various articles from across the web that are interesting and on point with the Intrepid Pioneer. These stories may share a common theme and directly tie into one of the main topic points of Grow. Ferment. Fish. Forage. Hunt. Preserve.

Since I’ve been so attentive to preparing for my first hunt, this week the Field Notes are all tied into bowhunting. From back country preparation to tracking, to getting advice from a game warden and lessons from the field these articles I found informative and wanted to share.

Hunting Highland: Lessons Learned
The obvious lessons about backcountry gear in this article made sense as I’ve also made these similar mistakes just on backpacking trips into the woods — even though I feel like I should know better too.

Backcountry Safety Gear
Mitigating backcountry problems which can spiral out of control into a dangerous situation means that anyone who chooses to go into the back country for any reason should be prepared for all conditions. There are numerous technological gadgets out there that can help you get the help if/when you need it, but besides the technology and the Top 10 list of things you should take. It’s important to make sure that your first aid kit is up to the snuff too. This is a great article that outlines some things to consider for your pack and your next trip into the woods.

Deer Tracks — Taking A Closer Look
Since I’m new to hunting and have actually yet to go into the wilderness to hunt. I am learning and reading as much as I can to prepare myself for a bow hunt. That said, learning to track and understand hoof prints for both a stalk and for a track after I’ve taken a shot. This was a great article that outlines what to look for and what information you can learn from the displacement of each step.

Ask an Expert — 5 STeps to Get Great Hunting Advice from Game Wardens
Collecting info and data for a specific region you may be planning on hunting can help yield results. Once you’ve poured over your maps, checked out your local wildlife website to see what data you can pull for that region your looking at. May be you’ve also put some boots on the ground already and have hit the trail scouting this area but putting a call into the Game Warden just might help get you over the edge, but before you make the call make sure you are ready. See what Sole Adventure suggests you do as he has done it for an upcoming elk trip he is planning.


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