Why I hunt


I’m new to hunting, so new that I have yet to go on my first actual hunt where I find myself in the woods with the intent to kill. I grew up in a non-hunting household and it was never something that was ever around our family circles. Unfortunately for me, I don’t’ have that generational knowledge that is passed along from Grandfather, to father, to me. I do have a mentor who has been super helpful, but alas our schedules are dramatically different so we rarely are able to meet up. We do have a late season archery Mule deer hunt planned for the fall — which I’m looking forward to.

My decision to take up hunting, was not taken lightly and it has been something I’ve considered doing for quite some time now. My reasons are simple even though this is not be made light of. I’m in search of my own truly free range organic meat, the challenge of the work that is required to be successful in the woods and to see for myself if I have what it takes to be a predator while coming face-to-face with the honesty with the food I put on the table for my family. My first hunt started over a year ago when I purchased my compound bow as my weapon of choice. Then in January of 2013 I started working on the next important piece of equipment, my body. As a late 30’s something I needed to get myself ready physically for the demands of a Pacific Northwest spot and stalk bow hunt. I’ve been weightlifting, running/cardio, hiking with my son in a backpack in the woods and as of recently I’ve added Crossfit to my routine. Throughout the year I’ve been reading and soaking up as much knowledge as possible about what to expect, what to do, how to do it.

Robin Hood

My first Robin Hood after 3rd time at the range ever.

As my first hunt and after my first kill (not necessarily on the same hunt), i’m sure that those experiences will also alter why I hunt. Until then I train hard, eat well and treat my body as my most important asset to my first hunt and, yes, I continue to also train with my bow in hand.


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    • Thanks so much. I’m excited for the challenge. Please give my blog a follow to stay updated.

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